Landscape Architecture

General Information About Landscape Architecture

We wanted to give general information about “Landscape Architecture” in our General Information Blog Posts category. The concept of Landscape Architecture was first used by F.L. It occurred when Olmsted and C. Vaux designed New York Central Park. Since then, Landscape Architecture has continued its activities intertwined with other environmental scientists, namely architects, engineers.

In line with social, environmental and cultural changes, there have been positive and rapid changes in landscape architecture in terms of content and scope. In the century we are in, it is understood that the supply and demands of social, natural or both cannot be solved with the visions of the professions in different fields, therefore, life is spoken, the sprout of diversity sprouts and the concept of unity in the existing diversity. a period in which it was mentioned. In this sense, this discipline is in restructuring in a changing vision as a branch of science and art.

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