Scented Plants in Landscape and Garden

Fragrant plants

There is nothing as pleasant as fragrant plants. Since the vast majority of ivy species are fragrant and take up little space, they can even be grown in pots, small gardens are not always deprived of fragrance. Fragrant plant species can be used both inside and outside the house. Using fragrant plants in flower pots in front of the kitchen window, on the door sills and around the bedrooms is a pleasure inside the house. Here are a few fragrant species we can use:
Matthiola incana Cindirella Series (Şebboy) Şebboys are two years old, with soft flowers and scents spread over a wide area. These sun-loving species can grow in flowerpots and flower beds.
Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Evergreen, this shrub species lives from mid-spring to early summer and has blue flowers. Likes permeable soil and sun.
Daphne mezereum (Defne) is an evergreen shrub with light purple flowers that smell very nice from February to March. It grows more comfortably in cool, humid areas.
Cytisus battandieri (Moroccan shrub) This species blooms from late spring to mid-summer and its flowers are golden yellow. The leaves are silvery and feathers. Likes warm environments.
Viburnum x carlcephalum. The leaves are extremely beautiful.
Salvia officinalis (Yellow sage) This species has variegated grayish green leaves with golden yellow. In order to give good fragrance, it is necessary to put it in an area with plenty of sun. He loves soft soils.

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