Custom Stone Driveway Design

Your driveway design is the first thing a guest or a potential buyer sees when they come to your home. A beautiful custom driveway gives your guest a positive first impression and this is a great way to distinguish your home from your neighbors. Interlock stone driveways enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

We allow you to choose between different patterns, colours, and textures to create a one of a kind driveway design. It is necessary to have a driveway contractor that will design a custom driveway that not only catches the eye but is durable and functional too. 

Vaughan Driveway Installation Services

Your driveway landscaping should blend in seamlessly with the overall architectural design of your home. Being able to create a functional and appealing flow between the front entrance or side walkway and your driveway is important when completing your driveway installation.

The style of the driveway design should match that of your home. By choosing the proper materials and patterns we can help create a design that will compliment each other.

Stone Driveways – A Durable Option

We only source materials for our stone driveways from reputable suppliers that offer a lifetime warranty on their products.

Call us for a free consultation today and be assured that our driveway designs will be way beyond your wildest expectations.


Interlocking Driveway Installation – For Durability

Building an interlock driveway that withstands the test of time as well as extreme changes in weather is an important part of the driveway installation process. Our team is dedicated to building every driveway with only the best materials.

We use “granular A” gravel as our sub-base as well as high performance bedding also know as “HPB” for our grading material. By using this combination of materials we ensure a permeable rock hard base that is extremely durable. Your interlock driveway design not only has to look good, but it must be durable and functional as well.


Custom Stone Driveways

When you think of brick or stone driveways, you might think of the standard old type of paver. However interlock pavers have come a long way. There are several different textures, shapes and colors that you can choose from.

You can have a custom driveway that gives your Vaughan, ON home a old vintage look or one that reflects the architectural look of a modern home and fits in well with your landscape design. Our Vaughan based company is focused on providing and laying the best interlocking driveway designs. Interlocking pavers apart from providing a high degree of stability also have a great aesthetic and decorative appeal.

A Professional Driveway Contractor in Vaughan, Ontario

As your driveway contractor we will plan out an beautiful driveway design that you can be proud of. By implementing pillars, half walls, lighting and different colored borders we can create a unique custom driveway that will stand out.

Driveway Landscaping in Vaughan, ON

With over a decade of experience we have become a leading custom driveway landscaping company. Major property developers in Vaughan, Ontario and homeowners depend on us for installing high quality stone driveways.

Our custom driveway designs are always well appreciated by our customers, we use high quality materials, assuring our customers that they are always getting the best. 


Custom Driveways Contractor in Vaughan, Ontario

We have the professional expertise and technical skills to build the best custom stone driveways in Vaughan, ON.

Call us today for a free consultation today. We have consistently delivered excellent results for our customers.