Landscape and Garden Elements

The structure of a garden can be its most striking aspect. If the volume and dimensions of the garden are not sufficient, the plant is not suitable for planting, which requires some changes. Some surface shapes, for example, changes such as walls, hard flooring and materials will add permanent properties to your garden. If your garden is not supported with a strong and permanent structure, it will not form an integrity, which is undesirable. A fountain with a pool on the opposite side of the garden harmonizes with the harmonious and soft materials to create a perfect balance to your garden. As a result, this harmony house will connect the garden and the garden to the environment.

Structure and plants: Steps and small waterfalls where wood is used as the main material to reduce the impact on this garden. Plants used in this way are extremely beautifully softened.

Protruding cast wall: Wood was used to create a hat on this wall made with concrete molds.
Strong steps: The concrete steps used look extremely beautiful because the details are strong.
Waterfall that adds texture: It is very in harmony with the remaining details in the waterfall and has a very small image.
Distant wall: The color used in the back wall emphasizes garden planting, allowing the wall to create the feeling of distant.
Grass squares: The small pathway used with grass-joint concrete stones puts the softness of the green in the foreground.

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